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in the in the Biggesee-Listersee nature experience area

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Landhotel Haus Dumicketal, Dumicker Str. 11, 57489 Drolshagen, Tel: 02761 - 62424, www.hausdumicketal.de


Familie Krämer,Fliederweg 6, 57462 Olpe - Sondern , Telefon 0276163817, fahrrad-kraemer@web.de

Pension Baumhoff, Apollmicke 1, 57462 Olpe-Apollmicke, Telefon 02764 2618656, E-Mail: post@apollmicke.de


Mario Hupertz, Rügener Weg 23, 58540 Meinerzhagen, Telefon 0176 22779075 oder 0163 3045631

The junction system

The cycling network in the Sauerland region and Siegerland-Wittgenstein has been divided into a honeycomb structure. There are “junctions” at the corners of each honeycomb that link the honeycombs with one another. You can cycle on from these junctions in several directions. The junctions are numbered and provide good orientation – so it would be difficult to take the wrong path, even without a map! More information can be found at www.radeln-nach-zahlen.de.

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Bed & Bike accommodation in the nature adventure area Biggesee-ListerseeHere you will find bett + bike accommodations in the nature adventure area Biggesee-Listersee

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