Mountain biking

in the Biggesee-Listersee nature experience area

Mountain biking is a special challenge in this area: we guarantee you will have a lot of fun!

Attendorn Mountainbike park

The park was planned by Büro Bike Projects GmbH of Düsseldorf in cooperation with the Attendorn mountain bikers and the Hanseatic town of Attendorn. The park consists of three route sections.

The “Single Trail” is situated in the upper area and leads through the forest. It is approx. 320 metres long and was constructed by Büro Bike Projects GmbH. There is a “Dirtline” in the middle of the park which has a 1.80m long bike ramp and so can be used to perform big and small tricks. The “Pump Track” adjoins this area which can be driven through without force. The “Dirtline” and the “Pump Track” were the inspiration of the Berlin entrepreneur Joscha Forstreuter. The bike park thus offers different options for both beginners and more experienced bikers.

Address: Mountainbike-Park Attendorn, Am Rappelsberg, 57439 Attendorn

Information about the Mountainbike-Park can be obtained from the Hanseatic town of Attendorn on +49 (0) 2722 - 64-0.

Meinerzhagen Bike Park

This is a small dirt park which was constructed in cooperation with the town. There is a dirt line with 3 jumps and a wall. There is also a large jump and a small pump track. The area is not very large but is fenced in and enclosed. There are pictures and videos on the internet site www.rotten-lumber.de

The pump track is always open but can only be used when the ground is dry! We request that you take your rubbish away with you and behave considerately towards the builders and residents!

The bike park is situated in Himecke in the centre of town between Hauptstraβe, Gerichtstraβe and Hochstraße. The exact coordinates are 51.105698, 7.642322. The best place to park is in the large car parks in town as the bike park is only a few metres from there.

Tight curves, steep slopes and, last but not least, a lift that brings bikers back up the mountain. Under the sponsorship of the Turnverein Olpe, TVO for short, the frOEriders maintain the bike park together with the Fahlenscheid ski area.

Bikepark Fahlenscheid

Opening times are always according to the weather and not yet regular. At all other times the area is freely accessible for practicing. You can get the current opening times from the frOEriders.Only the crossroads are to be observed like traffic routes.

When crossing or jumping road gaps, please have a second person secure it. It is generally mandatory to wear a helmet and protectors. Full face, body protection, knee and elbow pads and gloves are recommended. Entering the area is at your own risk.

In summer you can heat down the mountain here. The park is designed in such a way that not all obstacles and jumps have to be driven. There is a chic trail for each northshore or roadgap.

Mountain biking in the Biggesee-Listersee nature area (the description is in german)

Mountainbikepark Attendorn
Mountainbikepark Attendorn
Der Mountainbikepark ist frei zugänglich. Unterhalb des Mountainbikeparks befindet sich ein Parkplatz.
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Bikepark Fahlenscheid
Enge Kurven, steile Abhänge und zu guter letzt ein Lift, der die Biker wieder auf den Berg bringt.
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Gevore - Tour
Schwierigkeit: Schwer | Strecke: 40.9km | Dauer: 4:0h | Aufstieg: 963m | Abstieg: 962m
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Bikepark Pumptrack Meinerzhagen Himecke
Pumptrack Meinerzhagen
Der Bikepark / Pumptrack in Meinerzhagen ist für Jedermann geeignet, von Kindern über Anfängern bis hin zu fortgeschrittenen Moutainbiker.
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Überblick über die Anlage
Skateranlage Meinerzhagen
Rasante Sprünge und Kunststücke kann man auf der Skateranlage entweder selber ausprobieren oder aber einfach nur bestaunen.
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