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in the Nature Experience Area Biggesee-Listersee

Blogger Stories from the Nature Adventure Area Biggesee-Listersee

Travel bloggers are individuals who specialize in sharing information, experiences, and stories related to travel. Bloggers explore different places, destinations, and travel experiences, sharing their adventures, tips, and impressions with their followers. They often use social media to communicate their content and build a community of travel enthusiasts. Overall, travel blogs serve as a valuable source of information and inspiration for people planning their own adventures and wanting to explore the world.

The Nature Adventure Area of Biggesee and Listersee has already attracted numerous bloggers from various regions, each sharing their adventures and discoveries. On this page, we invite you to explore the captivating stories of bloggers who have visited the Nature Adventure Area. The bloggers' narratives provide insight into the diversity and beauty of the region around Biggesee and Listersee. The area offers a wealth of experiences for avid adventurers seeking exciting challenges and nature enthusiasts who want to admire the beauty of the landscape. Water sports enthusiasts can fully indulge in their passion, whether it's sailing, surfing, or diving. And even those who simply appreciate the tranquility and pleasures of life will find opportunities to relax and savor culinary delights in this idyllic area.

We hope that the stories of travel bloggers inspire you to explore the Nature Adventure Area of Biggesee and Listersee yourself, creating unforgettable memories. Grab your camera, hiking boots, or swimwear and immerse yourself in this scenically diverse region.


A thrilling report about the Sauerland Lakes has been published on You can find the report [here](insert link). Some stories about the Sauerland Lakes are also featured in the highlights on the Instagram page of deutschland.liebe.

(C) Elischeba Wilde von

Elischeba Wilde is a mom, photo model, and travel blogger. Among other things, she writes about travel, family, and lifestyle on Here you can find the travel report.

(C) Christina Nagel-Gasch von

MrsBerry tested the family-friendliness of the Sauerland region with her daughter. You can find her blog at She hails from Cologne and her actual name is Christina Nagel-Gasch. Here is the link to the travel report.


(C) Carola-Ferstl von

Television presenter and blogger Carola Ferstl travels extensively around the world. She shares her experiences on Here is the link to the travel report.

(C) Tanja-Klose von

Blogger Tanja Klose reports on her motorhome travels on In addition to detailed reports, you'll also find plenty of tips for the perfect travel planning. Here is the link to the travel reports.

(C) Jessica-Koch von

Jessica Koch schreibt auf ihrem Blog über (Klein)Stadtgeschichten und andere Entdeckungen. Hier geht es zu dem Reisebericht.

Kugeln 1, Foto Drolshagen Marketing e.V..jpg

The Sculpture Trail has been nominated by the hiking magazine www.schö as the only hiking trail in North Rhine-Westphalia for Germany's most beautiful hiking trail in 2018. Germany's most famous hiking blogger, Markus 'Mad', was there with his Malamute dog Laila and wrote a very interesting report. Here is the link to the report.

(c) Dr.-Camp_front_magnific.jpg

Dr. Camp was at the Vierjahreszeiten campsite on Sonderner Kopf with his family. Despite the gloomy weather, he really enjoyed his time there. Why? Because numerous nearby excursion options provided entertaining family time. He also had an unusual discovery to present to his camping enthusiast readers: the 24-hour self-service kiosk.


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