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Tourism Association Biggesee-Listersee

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The Tourism Association Biggesee-Listersee

The Tourism Association Biggesee-Listersee, the vacation region of the Biggesee-Listersee Nature Experience Area, extends along the picturesque shores of Biggesee and Listersee and now includes the charming cities of Attendorn, Drolshagen, Meinerzhagen, Olpe, and the municipality of Wenden. This idyllic region in the heart of South Sauerland provides the perfect setting for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and those seeking relaxation alike. The leisure opportunities in the Nature Experience Area Biggesee-Listersee are extremely diverse, inviting visitors to discover the beauty of nature and relax throughout the year.

The association Tourism Association Biggesee-Listersee was established in 2012 as a result of the REGIONALE 2013 project, initially with the member municipalities Attendorn, Drolshagen, Meinerzhagen, and Olpe. In 2017, the municipality of Wenden joined.

As part of REGIONALE 2013, the Sauerland-Seen project implemented many tourism-related components in the Nature Experience Area Biggesee-Listersee, as well as at the other Sauerland lakes. Currently, REGIONALE 2025 is ongoing, and the Sauerland-Seen are once again participating with projects.

The goals of the association include promoting the tourist development of the region, networking with tourism partners and service providers, and marketing the destination as a whole. Below, our member municipalities introduce themselves.

Attendorn Innenstadt
Hanseatic City of Attendorn
The cozy small town with around 25,000 inhabitants, which received its city rights in 1222, is located on the southwestern edge of the Ebbegebirge in the Biggetal. The Biggetalsperre, completed in 1965, now offers an excursion paradise for young and old alike.
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Marktplatz Drolshagen, Foto: Stadt Drolshagen
City of Drolshagen
The Drolshagener Land is part of the Sauerland Rothaargebirge Nature Park, a tranquil, forested low mountain range landscape. The city of Drolshagen encompasses 57 small villages, some of which are nestled picturesque into nature. Among them, Essinghausen was awarded the title of State Gold Village and in 1998, it was honored as a Federal Silver Village. Numerous trails lead along babbling brooks through lovely meadows up to the heights.
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City of Meinerzhagen
Nestled in the mountains and forests of the Märkisches Sauerland, at the foot of the Ebbegebirge, lies the town of Meinerzhagen. Well-maintained hotels, restaurants, and guesthouses offer visitors comfort and coziness. Nature lovers will find a charming landscape here. The reservoirs of Fürwigge, Genkel, and Listertalsperre are delightful to explore on foot.
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Obersee Olpe mit Rundweg und Valentinskapelle 1 Foto UFO Luftbild Thomas Leith
District town Olpe
We warmly welcome you to the beautiful county town of Olpe by the Biggesee, which combines a history of more than 700 years with contemporary offerings for a delightful stay in the region. Whether it's an exciting day trip, a relaxing short getaway, or a varied family vacation, in Olpe, you can recharge your happiness batteries and enjoy individual moments of well-being.
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Kirche Wenden©R. Wurm
Municipality of Wenden
Hiking, Recreation, Nature, and Hospitality... under this motto, the municipality of Wenden presents itself as an attractive destination for excursions and vacations. Beautiful meadow valleys and a forested mountainous location characterize the area. A well-developed network of cycling paths and around 320 km of well-marked hiking trails make the municipality of Wenden accessible to holidaymakers.
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