Biggesee-Listersee nature experience area

Welcome to the Biggesee-Listersee Nature Experience Area - more than lake-worthy!

Give your time a special meaning by turning it into your personal break! The Nature Experience Area Biggesee-Listersee in the Sauerland region covers the area of the Hanseatic city of Attendorn, the town of Drolshagen (a state-recognized recreational area), the town of Meinerzhagen, the district town of Olpe, and the municipality of Wenden. The reservoirs are not only vital for the drinking water supply of the people in this region but also a true paradise for recreational activities of all kinds. Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, with your entire family, or in a group, the Nature Experience Area Biggesee-Listersee has a wealth of possibilities and activities for every visitor.

Our region offers countless opportunities for experiencing, relaxing, discovering, and enjoying. If you are looking for the tranquility and serenity of nature, you can settle in one of the many dreamy spots on the shores of Biggesee or Listersee and listen to the gentle rustling of the water. If you prefer adventure, you are also in the right place. The Biggesee-Listersee Nature Experience Area is a true treasure trove of leisure activities. Fishing enthusiasts can feel at home here, while camping enthusiasts can admire the stars above the lakes. Those who love the water can try paddle boating, surfing, and sailing, while divers can explore the fascinating underwater world and discover the sunken valley. The region also offers an extensive network of hiking and biking trails that extend idyllically around and near the two lakes, as well as the charming towns around them. Whether you are an experienced hiker or cyclist or just want to take a leisurely stroll, there is always a route that suits your preferences.

Furthermore, there are numerous excursion destinations and attractions in the area that will make your stay in the Biggesee-Listersee Nature Experience Area even more exciting. Whether you want to spend your leisure time actively or just relax, here you will find everything you wish for. Get ready for an unforgettable vacation in this impressive natural paradise.

Biggesee-Listersee Nature Experience Area Experiences

Wandern auf dem Höhenflug
Hikers have the opportunity to explore the landscape of the Biggesee-Listersee Nature Adventure Area, partly on flat paths directly along the lake, and partly on challenging high-altitude routes.
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Radfahrer im Wald
The Biggesee-Listersee Nature Experience Area offers perfect infrastructure for cycling. In addition to the typically undulating landscape of the Sauerland region with lakes, hills, forests, and valleys, lonely roads and challenging trails provide optimal conditions.
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Kanufahren auf dem Biggesee Nahaufnahme
Water Sports-Adventure
Swimming in the Bige Lake or Lister Lake. Spend dreamy days at the lakes with crystal-clear, blue water! Numerous opportunities for sailing, diving, surfing, fishing, or swimming are available around the lakes.
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Familie auf dem Schiff - Nahaufnahme
Experience great views, excellent leisure opportunities, interesting excursions, and the beautiful nature surrounding the Biggesee and Listersee.
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You can order various brochures here.
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Travel information
Here's how to reach the nature experience area at Biggesee-Listersee and find us easily!
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