In the Biggesee-Listersee Nature Experience Area

Fishing experience

The Nature Adventure Area of Biggesee and Listersee offers two breathtaking lakes that beckon anglers from near and far to fantastic experiences. These deep waters are not only a paradise for those who appreciate the tranquility and beauty of nature but also for anglers who love to indulge in their passion. Especially the harmonious silence of the early morning or evening hours invites one to immerse oneself and fully enjoy the moment.

For those looking to enjoy fishing in this charming environment, it is necessary to acquire fishing permit agreements (Fischereierlaubnisverträge, FEV) for Biggesee and Listersee. Fishing permits for the lakes Möhne, Sorpe, Henne, and Ahauser Stausee are also available through us. Additionally, we offer boat stickers, combination permits, and electric motor stickers to make your water sports experience even more comfortable.

For those who prefer to conveniently obtain permits from home, the fishing website of the Ruhrverband provides an excellent service. Through their online shop, anglers can purchase annual, weekly, two-day, and daily permits online for all Sauerland lakes and print them at home. This makes the process of obtaining permits straightforward and time-saving. Annual electric motor stickers for various lakes, including Bigge, Henne, Möhne, and Sorpe, are also available through the online shop and will be conveniently delivered to buyers by mail.

Please observe the leisure regulations of the Ruhrverband as a general guideline.

Our team is at your disposal to assist you with any questions or concerns. You can reach us by phone at 02722-65 79 240. We are always striving to make your stay by the lake as pleasant as possible, so we kindly ask for a prior appointment as we may not always be available in the office due to external commitments and meetings. We wish all anglers "tight lines" and hope you will experience unforgettable moments amidst the natural beauty of this region.

Adjustments to Fishing Regulations 2024

Fishing on the Biggesee and the Listersee

Parking lots and boat ramps at the Biggesee and Listersee

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Please note that after activation, data will be transmitted to the respective provider.