aus dem Natur-Erlebnisgebiet Biggesee-Listersee

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Ab sofort in den Tourist-Informationen im Natur-Erlebnisgebiet Biggesee-Listersee erhältlich
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Dräulzer Sagenpfad
Der Sagenpfad in Drolshagen erzählt auf Tafeln heimische Sagengeschichten
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Radfahrer, TV Biggesee-Listersee.jpg
Cycling experience
The region also offers a perfect infrastructure for cycling. In addition to the typically undulating Sauerland landscape with hills, woods and valleys, you will also find deserted streets and challenging trails offering optimal conditions. The Bigge-Lister cycle ring splits into a high-altitude route and a lake route.
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Hiking experience
Hikers have the option of exploring the Biggesee-Listersee scenery with some level paths that extend directly along the lake and some more challenging paths at altitude.
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Family experiences
The best experiences with the children
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Kanufahren auf dem Biggesee, Foto TV Biggesee-Listersee.jpg
Water experience
Bathing in Lakes Biggesee or Listersee
Spend idyllic days at the lakes with their crystal-clear, blue water!
The lakes offer a range of activities to entice sailors, divers, surfers, anglers or swimmers. There are many wonderful places to bathe at both lakes in the Biggesee-Listersee nature experience region.
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Familie auf dem Schiff 1, Foto TV Biggesee-Listersee.jpg
Leisure experience
Enjoy the magnificent views, best leisure facilities, interesting excursions and wonderful natural beauty of the Biggesee and Listersee lake region.
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Camping Kalberschnacke Foto H.D.Wurm
The campsites in the Biggesee-Listersee nature experience area are in wonderful locations, some directly on Lakes Biggesee or Listersee. You are guaranteed a relaxing holiday!
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Shopping experience
Einkaufen, flanieren und genießen in den charmanten Städten unseres Natur-Erlebnisgebietes.
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Angler mit Nebel 1, TV Biggesee-Listersee.jpg
Fishing experience
Lakes Biggesee and the Listersee are situated in the nature experience area and offer a fantastic fishing experience. Every angler appreciates the early morning peace and quiet on the lakes.
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Winter mit Bank
Winter experience
Snowy forests, picturesque villages and small towns and, of course, the best conditions for winter sports to be found within a wide radius.
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